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The Saul Kornik Portrait

Saul Kornik
Artist: Taf [Tafadzwa Mukwashi]
Diptych, oil on box canvas
229mm x 305mm, 229mm x 305mm

“I can usually see multiple and often conflicting facets to situations and encounters and ideas. The frustration of life is then only being able to act out in one way given the linearity of time! Because of this, I know I have lost perspective when I can’t laugh at the absurdity of our funny little lives.” – Saul Kornik

Saul Kornik, Co-Founder and CEO of Africa Health Placements, is the man in the 29th portrait of Facing a Century.  The Pop Art diptych by the artist Taf [Tafadzwa Mukwashi] is a textured oil painting on two individual box canvasses.

Saul Kornik was born in 1978 and is a man who whenever presented with an opportunity to make a difference, takes it. Over the past 7 years, Saul has been dedicated to making a difference in health in sub-Saharan Africa which holds only 2% of the world’s physicians despite having 20% of the world’s population. One of the greatest obstacles in Southern Africa’s ability to deliver quality health care services to its most disenfranchised communities has been the severe shortage of skills and poor planning. Saul recognised that it was critical to attract and retain health workers and competent management to the region. Africa Health Placements (AHP), a social profit, human resources solutions and services organisation, seeks to do just that.

A qualified Chartered Financial Analyst and Chartered Accountant with a Masters degree in intelligent pattern recognition techniques as applied to the prediction of corporate failure, Saul Kornik had no background in health or human resources when he became involved in establishing the Rural Health Initiative in 2006. AHPwas later established in 2007 when the Rural Health Initiative merged with the Foundation for Professional Development, a process that Saul led and negotiated.  Over the years that followed, Saul synthesized the insights and ideas of other experts and stakeholders, explored practical solutions with his team and strived to find simpler ways in which to manage complex processes and relationships. He has now successfully built a dynamic and diverse leadership team within AHP who do the same but who are also experts in their own right.

In just 6 years, Africa Health Placements has placed over 2 500 health workers in mostly rural government hospitals and NGO health care facilities, remarkably reaching an estimated 10 million+ of sub-Saharan Africa’s most indigent on an annual basis. AHP also places more than ten times the number of doctors in rural hospitals as all eight of the country’s medical schools combined.

Saul Kornik had several years of corporate experience with Lloyds TSB, Goldman Sachs and Deloitte in South Africa, London and Bermuda before entering the health sector. He was awarded an Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellowship in 2008.

Saul’s inner explorer and adventurer was set free in 2005 in the African Odyssey Expedition when he was a member of a crew of five that travelled, unassisted along the East African coastline in an unconverted Arabian Dhow. He was also one of only two survivors in the 2010 Life 2 The Limit, Andaman Sea survival challenge in which participants had to survive a full month on an uninhabited island. About the experience (which was also a fundraiser for AHP), Saul says, “I loved my 30 days on the uninhabited island. De-cluttering my life of information and conversation and even food for a while was a real privilege.”

And it is has been a privilege to be able to include a man changing the face of public health in Southern Africa in Facing a Century. Thank you, Saul Kornik!

[Many thanks to Peter Wilson, African Leadership Institute (ALI).]

Africa Health Placements


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